3 Key Components of an Investment Pitch Deck that Every Entrepreneur Should Have

An investor presentation is a key component of fundraising for your business. With a stunning investment presentation, investors will be excited about your idea, and it will help them to easily engage in further conversation about your business, which will lead to further investment.

What Is a Pitch Deck Presentation? Examples, Tips, and Patterns

How to increase investor interest in your project? One way is to achieve wide coverage by speaking at a reporting event in an accelerator (the so-called demo day). This is really a great opportunity to present yourself to a large number of interested investors at the same time, who can then also tell their colleagues from other funds or other business angels about your project.

A pitch deck is a short presentation that gives potential investors or clients an idea of ​​your company’s business plan, products, services, and growth prospects. This means that you will need to get your ideas across to potential investors in a way that will make them want to help you fundraise. Another thing is a fast-growing social network that does not have a physical connection and is able to reach a global multilingual audience. Thus, venture capital unites technology carriers and investors.

Remember, the first thing an investor will see and what will help them learn more about your company will be an investment presentation. Make a plan for the goals of the round and monitor its implementation. To understand what metrics you need to track business growth and what are the minimum metrics to aim for, look at key metrics by business type and comparative benchmarks. The main thing is to have enough data to show impressive dynamics. Pitch assembly instructions

  • Goal.

Formulate and describe the idea of your project in one sentence. Try to convey the meaning with a minimum number of words, and talk about the essence.

  • Problem.

Describe your customer’s pain. Concentrate on the most pressing issues that concern the audience.

  • Why now?

Tell us about previous analogs of your product – build it into a historical context. Name the latest trends in the market that open up opportunities to use your solution.

Which Are Three Key Components of an Investment Pitch Deck?

Each person is faced with the need to present himself or the results of his work, and information to various listeners. Even interesting and useful projects need to be communicated to the audience in an appropriate way. The question arises: is it possible to learn the art of presentation? Among three the main components of an investment pitch desk are:

  1. Introduction.

The first slide of your pitch deck is the most important. This is your chance to make a great first impression, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  1. Problem.

Any business idea should solve a real problem – and yours too. You have to identify the problem your target audience is facing and see a gap for which there is no solution in the market yet.

  1. Solution.

On this slide, briefly and clearly describe the solution to the problem.

Competent investment can help you achieve any of your goals: buy an apartment, save up for a pension, pay for your children’s studies, etc. Let’s say your team needs to securely share design documents all the time, as well as get real-time feedback on how your customers are interacting with them and make an investment pitch deck.

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